I have created this list because, whilst the occasional quote here and there containing problematic statements is easy to write off as ‘words being taken out of context’, seeing all of these quotes, articles, tweets, as well as some meta on major characters written by…

Trigger Warning: Trans-misogynist Language

[Gif of Martin Freeman at the Baftas when The Only Way Is Essex won deleted]

      None of these things are ummm sexist? honestly like I’m sure that he doesn’t have complete perspective on the complexities of sexuality but he is FAR from sexist or homophobic. I’m just sorry but if you dig in your claws to anything you can find “sexism”  I think that his female characters are actually pretty complex. You say that the make Irene Adler weak, because she falls in love but she makes Sherlock weak too.  She gets to him on a PERSONAL level and almost defeats him. I know that she originally “got away” in the story but her victory was only running off with her husband or something like that but please explain to me how that is winning. Another thing he is a middle aged white man…is he supposed to be aware of every single little complexity in the world of sexuality and gender? I mean I think he has pretty good perspective, I think that his characters are great, could he do better with female characters? yea he could but he is a guy, I mean I write things, I’m a female and I’ll admit that a lot of the male characters that I write aren’t fully developed and this is because I do not have a penis. I have never lived as a man an i have absolutely no idea how an average guy thinks. Dumping on him for not picking what was it the pudgy dumpy girl? yeah that sucks, its not right but he is in television…kind of an image based business. He is probably thinking “what will bring in the most viewers?”  I’ll admit he doesn’t have the best, most complex views on sexuality or gender but that doesn’t make him a douchebag. Not every god damn person is going to take an entrance level womens study course at college! NOT EVERYONE READS THE MASS AMOUNT OF TEXT ON SEXUALITY AND GENDER. THIS DOESN’T MAKE HIM A DOUCHE IT MAKES HIM AN AVERAGE STRAIGHT GUY. AND IN FACT HE DOES TRY TO ROUND HIS CHARACTERS OUT, HE DOES HAVE SOME PERSPECTIVE. The fact that you think everyone should be aware of such complex subjects is pretentious and ridiculous to be quite frank. I mean its not too much to ask for people to be accepting and empathetic but to expect everyone to be aware of every single gender theory that it took you probably years to study is stupid. He doesn’t have a masters in womens studies so sue him!

Bit of background about me, the OP. 

I have never taken a gender studies course in my life. Not one. I failed most of my GCSE’s. I have no A-levels. I will, likely, not be able to ever go on to higher education. I don’t have the money to buy very many books so I haven’t read a lot of literature on these issues. Yet, I’m able to understand, and even write about, these issues. 

The fact that Steven Moffat has a lot of privilege does not excuse his behavior. 

That logic is completely absurd. So yes, even though he has a lot of privilege, he should be aware of the these issues. It is not difficult to educate oneself about this. feminism has been written about in abundance online, at a variety of levels, using everyday language and more academic language. This is how I, and many others, have learnt about feminism. 

Regarding your comments about Irene Adler; in the Arthur Conan Doyle’s original story Irene Adler choose to get married for love. She outwitted Sherlock and finally managed to escape the harassment she had been facing. That is how it is winning. It’s actually considered by many to be a very empowering ending. 

Also, Some women have penises. Some men have vulvas. Genitalia =/= Gender.

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Posted on 22 June 2012
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